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Aren't All Coatings The Same?

In this post we want to try and give a little more information on the range of coatings that are out there. Often people think they can go buy a DIY kit from a box store and they think it is the same as having it professionally done. This isn't the case for a few reasons. One being the prep which you can read more about in our post "Our Process." Another is the chemical makeup of the coating. The DIY kits are a water based epoxy. This makes them much easier to work with, but they are low solids which means that as the coating cures the water evaporates and much of the coatings thickness is lost. Water based epoxies are also less scratch resistant and do not retain gloss. All of these properties add up to a coating bound to fail.

A step up from water based epoxies are solvent based epoxies. These can have much higher solids meaning they can maintain a much higher build. They are also more abrasion resistant. Now we want to talk about our favorite coatings. Polyaspartic coatings are currently the top coatings on the market. They are not as common, because they require someone experienced to install them. When the chemical reaction takes place the molecules cross link which makes it 4X times stronger than epoxy. This means it retains that like new glossy look for years to come. It also cures much faster resulting in faster turnaround times.

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